Law Enforcement Lock Picking
"Silent Entry for a Safe Exit"


Training Specifics

Attendees at this training workshop will be instructed in the basics of picking and opening standard (non-high security) pin tumbler and disk wafer locks. Pin tumbler locks are the most common lock in America found on almost every residential, apartment, business door and padlock. Disk wafer locks are commonly found on alarm box panels, file cabinets, desk locks, cabinet doors, small safes, and utility boxes. All attendees, in normal physical condition, will be competent to pick locks upon conclusion of the training session.

Key Benefits

  • One day of training

  • On-site at your agency or in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area

  • Extensive hands-on training and practice

  • Law enforcement or military only in the class (or your own group)

  • Combine local agencies for group discount

  • Class size allows continuous instructor interaction

  • Examination of disassembled lock to examine internal lock components


The tools and training techniques instructed in this class are only taught to bonafide law enforcement agencies. All techniques are to be used in accordance with all agency policies, local, state, and federal laws.

Course Details

  • Professional training equipment provided

  • Maximum of 24 attendees for personal attention

  • Included in the course fee ($45 value):

    • Professional stainless steel lock pick kit

    • Case for the lock pick kit

    • Lock cylinder for after course skills practice

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